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Here's a list of just some of the items we stock...
Knitting Yarns - Cotton - Scissors - Fabric Dye - Needles - Pins - Velcro - Elastic - Material - Tape Measures - Sewing Boxes - Tape - Zips - Fabric Glue - Felt - Knitted Toys - Knitted Garments - Patches - Cross Stitch Threads and Kits - Aida - Buttons - Cord - Curtain Hooks and Rails - Stitch Pickers - Beads - Trims - Rhinestones - Motifs - Name Tags -  Bra Extenders - Trouser Hooks and Bars - Tassels - Tie Backs - Knitting Patterns - Dress Patterns - Thimbles - Tracing Paper - Tailors Chalk - Pockets - Sweat Pads - Bias Binding - Sheering Elastic - Curtain Tape - Curtain Wire - Tapestry Wool - Magnifying Glasses - Craft Frames - Knitting Bags - Toy Stuffing - Card Making Kits - Toy Kits - Feathers - Scarves - Shoulder Pads - Craft Knives - Crochet Cotton - Teddy Eyes & Joints - Hooks & Eyes - Bodkins - Latch Hooks - Rug Kits - Sewing Machine Oil - French Knitters - Crochet Hooks - Knitting Needles - Stitch Counters - Pom-Pom Makers and Much More!
We also...
Knit Garments - Turn-up Trousers - Alter Skirts and Dresses - Fit Zips - Alter Curtains - Make Covers - Repair Rips - Let Out Waste Bands.... and - Ocassionaly Sit Down For A Cup of Tea!
Is there someone in your family
who desperately needs
a fully stocked sewing box?
Get them started with this
great gift!
Filled with your choice of items!
Have you tried "Pinflair?"

Even if you can't knit, sew, or cross stitch... we bet you can stick pins into polystyrene!

Choose from a range of projects and make beautiful sequin covered 3D trinkets to decorate a child's room or even your next Christmas Tree!

Come and take a look...

How about fabric paints and colours? 

See how to use this circular knitting loom on the Great Ideas page!

Hand Knitted Toys are our Speciality!
If you like to make "friendship bracelets" You'll love this great new clip board from Prism!
And this Bobbin Box is a must for all your threads and beads!
Available in economical packs as below...
Are you making your own Christmas Cards this year?
Get your decals here!
These great Teddy & Toy Kits are pre sewn
You just add the stuffing and Presto
they're done!
Tapestry, Rugs, Cross Stitch?
Plenty of Kits to choose from...
Wadding in 2 - 4 & 6oz weights
Available by the metre...
Toy Stuffing - by the bag as you need it!
Fancy having a go with our Knitting Loom kits?
Feathers in a variety of shapes and colours - all tickly!
Whatever you're doing...
this magnifyer makes it easy
to see.
Scissors in all shapes and sizes!
Polystyrene Balls by the Bagful.
We have big ones too for sequin crafts - available individually.
Sewing Angel Scissors Too!... £5.99
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Some of theNew Material Patterns Added February 2012

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