Amie Krueger & Family invite you to come and shop for all your creative sewing
and kneedlecraft items...
307 High Street
Epping, Essex,
CM16 4DA
Tel: 01992 570859

"Where you are always welcome!"
There's always something
to make or do...
Knitting Yarns
& Haberdashery
Toy Making
Alterations & Repairs
Fabric Dye
Little Sew n' Sews has been open and run by the Krueger family for over 24 years. Having started off in the market before moving to a tiny shop just down the ally to the Black Lion Car Park and now in our current home on the High Street.

We don't have a lot of space but we try to stock all you need! We seem to be very popular - come and see why for yourself!
Good Old Fashioned Friendly Service!
Oh My Goodness... 
Babies On The Way!
Better Get Knitting Fast!
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The Trouble With Exchanging Yarn

As much as we love and respect our customers and try to help in every way we can, we have to protect our reputation and ability to maintain our standards...

A while ago we had to stop exchanging returned yarn because we had caught a few less honest customers trying to return partly used balls. Not fair to us or any future customer who ends up buying one if we miss it!

As this hadn't happened for a while we relaxed the rule and started to allow customers to return unused complete balls in exchange for others.

But, sadly, we've been caught out again recently by a crafty few, so we are having to re-introduce the policy. 

If you are not sure how many balls you may need, please ask us to reserve a spare one or two for you. If it turns out you don't need them that's ok, we can put them back into stock. At least we will be sure they are complete and truly unused.

We hope you agree that is fair and the only way to protect us and you, our valued customer!
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Here's Where we are....
Little Sew n' Sews
307 High Street, Epping, Essex, CM16 4DA
"Hello Holly Fans!
I just wanted to say a big thank you for all my treats and cuddles... 
It makes up for my poor pay!"
Tinsel Yarn
It's coming to the end of it's run!!
But when you can still make these great
little guys... and we bet you will never make
just one!
Want to make something simple and fun? 

Maybe even get the kids involved in a project you can make together?

This lovely simple Bunny is the answer!
Check out the video then come and get what you need...

A family business
serving the Epping and surrounding areas
for over 24 years!
Sew n' Sew's Exclusive Safety Masks

Light and Comfortable
Washable & Re-useable
Lots of pattern choices!
Only £2.99 each
3 for £8.00
Much More Than A Knitting Shop...
... It's A Part Of The Community!
Open Mon - Sat 9am to 5pm
Ooh I love this shop
It's an Aladdin's Cave...!
Said by someone ... almost every day! 
Come and see for yourself why our customers 
come from far and wide to shop with us...
There's always something to do!